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Treasure Bird in Dreamland

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Description : Treasure Bird in Dreamland is a 2d platformer set in a fantasy world. The hero of the story is Raum, a magical crow who has been tasked to steal treasure. As Raum you will travel to lands inspired by mythology, Valhalla, Olympus, Shangri La, and others, to steal treasure from the castles of kings. The game is heavy on exploration, and harkens back to the classic 2d platformers of yesteryear. Hidden across it’s vast vertical panoramas are rubies that need to be collected to advance to the next stage as well as all manner of gems, coins, and treasure chests. Your quest will not be easy as all manner of strange demons, slime creatures, and traps will block your path. Can you make your way to the massive final boss and achieve your redemption? Why does a crow want treasure? You will have to hone your platforming skills if you want to find out!
How to Play : left & right arrow keys to move
z to fly
down arrow key to duck
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Category : Adventure Played : 564 Published : 21.01.2015

2015-06-28 11:19:40
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