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Magic gopher - Experience The Fun Of Mathematics

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Description : Do you like mathematics or you like to solve puzzles with numbers well then magic gopher can be your perfect choice to pass your time while doing a good brain exercise. The game revolves around the simple tricks of mathematics where you need to think of any two numbers say 29 and after a few steps of subtractions and addition the game magic gopher will tell you what were the original two numbers that you had in our mind when you started playing the game.

Magic gopher become extremely popular over the years due to its cool game ambience where it does not matter what kind of numbers you choose at the end the magic gopher will always going to tell you the exact original numbers. Here you can simple put 2 numbers with the help of red button just below the fox in the game, then if you push the button, a list of numbers comes out you select your numbers and do the addition and subtractions with mouse clicks, finally the results come out with a list of signs, you can pick your result from the list and wait the for the game to match the result.

How to Play : Use your mouse
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Category : Education Played : 479 Published : 08.08.2015

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