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Description : Description: StarCatz is an endurance-mode demo of what I`m working to turn it into, a Starfox-like adventure game with a pile of bosses and enemies across different levels. It has undergone a lot of revision to make sure anyone can play; one round starts out as very easy and over time becomes very hard. StarCatz features achievements, a hidden minigame, and a flying cat that shoots thousands of hairballs. In-Game Music by Kevin MacLeod. Instructions: Move Catz with the arrow keys, avoiding enemies and their projectiles, and grabbing powerups and coins. Hold down the Z, X, or C keys to fire hairballs. Fill your prestige meter by killing lots of enemies, not firing when you don`t have to, grabbing blue pickups, and not getting hit. When the prestige meter is full and starts flashing, hit the space bar to turn into Admiral Catz, temporarily turning your weapon into a huge, powerful laser! Survive as long as possible and maximize your score by grabbing more pickups, killing more enemies, and not wasting hairballs!
How to Play : C: Fire M: Toggle all sound N: Toggle music P: Pause Q: Toggle quality R: Restart game SPACE: Go Admiral! X: Fire Z: Fire movement: arrow
Category : Action Played : 1877 Published : 06.07.2012

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