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Description : It's a Shootemup combined with GTA, in space. You start off without a ship, but you can take over any enemy ship you encounter. You can even have them fight alongside you on auto-pilot. This is actually an old game I made about 4 years ago, but then I got sidetracked and never worked on it again. It
How to Play : -Arrows to move and jump, or to pilote your ship -Z/W to enter or exit a ship (use Z for qwerty, W for azerty) -X to shoot (when in a ship) How to take over a ship: -jump on it -press Z/W -do the displayed combo (before the ship flies out of the screen) important tip!: keep X pressed when exitting a ship, and it will keep shooting afterwards (same counts for the arrow keys, but that
Tags : space warmada shooting shooter alien
Category : Shooting Played : 1120 Published : 19.08.2012

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